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The recipe that saved my day

October 21, 2009

Since morning Cuddles was not eating, nor drinking anything except milk. He spat each spoon of oats I tried to feed him, didn’t eat any of the fruits I offered. Frustrated, at my wit’s end my desperate brain came up with this:

Onion ragi dosa

I finely grated half an onion, added one teaspoon of ragi powder, one teaspoon of atta (wheat flour), a pinch of pepper and salt. Made it into a smooth batter by adding some water to this mixture. Greased the pan with some ghee and just tossed off the dosa and kept my fingers crossed. The first bite went well, then the second and soon the entire dosa had landed in Cuddles little belly. He then guzzled down a whole bottle of buttermilk.

End result: A well-fed baby = a very happy mamma.

PS: Hope I am able to come up with such simple appetising recipes everyday and pray that Cuddles would oblige.

Now am asking for too much:)