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A letter from Cuddles by his Dad

August 6, 2015

I unearthed the email Cuddles’ Dad wrote announcing his birth to our friends and family back in 2008. I just happened to search my email looking for his birth height as I remember the pediatrician telling us that he is a tall baby and till now he is the tallest one in class (especially with his short parents, its quite an eye roller that most people subject us to the moment they hear his age). Well at 7 he is 134 cms, already towering above my shoulders.

Here is the email.

My name means God is Gracious. I am using my father’s mail ID as I am only a few days old. I am told though, that kids have their own web page nowadays!
I was very comfortable in the last nine months but this world seems funny: For one that I am not the only one here and for the other that everyone who comes to see me bends over to make funny faces and odd noises. For those of you who thrive on statistics, I weigh 3.58kgs.

It all started on the 13th when Mum started to have labour and we reached the hospital. Nani and Dad waited outside for a couple of hours while Mum delivered me: Normal Delivery on Sunday July 13 at 9:36 pm. I came back home the next day and I was glad to know that Mum Dad Masi and Nana Nani will stay with me in my house!

Nowadays all I do is sleep and drink milk. I don’t cry much but sometimes its necessary: you know its tough to be a kid these days

Baby E


Reading milestones and school award

June 3, 2015

Both of us are avid readers and own a size-able collection of books. My father took me often to libraries and instructed me to write short stories during vacations. Unfortunately books were costly and salaries low in my childhood which meant I owned very few books. One of the first books my father bought was Charles Dicken’s David Copperfield. I remember reading it and re reading it innumerable times. So, when I had Cuddles I started buying him books right from the age of six months. Today he has two shelves full of all kinds of books. In KG 2 he started reading small books with one line descriptions per page. By grade 1 he graduated to reading more such books as well as Chota Bheems, Twinkles, Champak, Shikari Shambhoo and other magazines. In March he completed reading two full books by Enid Blyton.


He has now discovered the joy of reading Roald Dahl. After finishing  George’s Marvellous Medicine he is now on to reading Matilda. It makes me very happy to see that along with his craze for constructing new things he is also hooked on to reading.

In other news he received a certificate of commendation from the school signed by the Principal for his performance in grade 1 making us super proud of his achievements. It was totally his effort as he missed school many times last year.


The tooth fairy comes calling

April 9, 2015

Yes ! finally the tooth fairy visited Cuddles and took away his two lower teeth. Well, it wasn’t as simple as that. For almost a year Cuddles was watching his classmates and friends’s toothless grins. He often asked, “Aaaa (that’s his oft repeated first word) when am I going to lose my teeth.” As he had late teething we were not really worried. In grade one I think he was the only one whose milk teeth were all intact. At my dentist appointment last month I casually mentioned this and so, the dentist checked his teeth. She notice a swelling at his lower teeth and said, soon, very soon. But… er nothing happened, until last week his dad noticed that his permanent teeth had already sprouted behind his milk teeth, which stood staunchly strong. Off we went to the dentist, who tried at first a gel to take out the milk teeth, but soon realised that an injection was inescapable.

Cuddles was not really putting up a brave front, so were politely told to wait outside while she administered the injection. In barely five minutes it was all over and we were presented the teeth in a tissue. teeth

Now the big challenge is for him to keep pushing his permanent teeth with his tongue so that they come to the right position. The tooth fairy gifted him a Cogo building model (a cheaper Lego version). Here is what he made it into.



Small talk

November 12, 2012

One bright day Cuddles tells me all matter of factly.. Mamma you did two wrong things.

Me: What baby

Cuddles raises one of his fingers and says: One you beat me.

Two, you threw me in the dustbin

Me appalled at this allegation: Really when did I throw you in the dustbin?

Cuddles: In November 

Me: You are lying

Cuddles: Noooo you are a big liser 🙂 


Am back yet again

October 18, 2012

Finally I am writing something here. This was supposed to be a baby blog chronicling Cuddles and his growing up. But I didn’t visualize my laziness  would keep me from posting for such long gaps.

First the updates :  Cuddles is officially 4, although mamma and pappa still can’t believe where the years flew by. Guess this is for all the times I yawned when my own mom used to reminiscence the day of my birth on every birthday. We celebrated the 4th with a bang — the entire khaandan including Cuddles lil friends at home.

In recent news it’s back to school after what seemed like an unending summer vacation. A new teacher awaited Cuddles and his class. This is the third in three months, hoping she will not quit mid way like the earlier one did.

And aaj ki taza khabar is that the school bus that used to come at the God forsaking hour of 6: 40 am will now come 10 mins earlier. Amen to that and goodbye to sleeping for 10 mins after hitting the snooze button on the alarm everyday 😦


Cuddles is 8 months old

March 15, 2009

On March 13, my baby completed 8 months in this world.  It being a Friday (a holiday in this part of the world) I was too preoccupied to blog. Also as Cuddles’ pa is on an India trip we are staying back at my parent’s place, so that means a lot of activity and less personal time for the blog world.

Developmentally, Cuddles reached a new milestone on that day. He managed to sit on his own for the first time. He was lying in his pram and I had accidentally kept a small piece of paper on the dashboard of the pram. Cuddles, who is very fond of chewing such new objects, otherwise denied to him, soon laid eyes on it. Next moment we saw, he was holding on to the sides of the pram, trying to lift his torso and soon he pulled himself up into a sitting position and grabbed the paper. Of course then he aimed it straight to his mouth. I managed to pull it away just in time before it could be squashed by his tiny gums. And as I was so excited seeing him sit on his own that I kept the piece of paper as a bait again at the same spot on the pram. Well, he obliged once more by repeating the feat. Over-ambitious me did try the trick a few more times to see him sit but I guess Cuddles was too smart to do it again.

These days he is a busy man, jumping, rolling, grabbing, chewing and generally discovering the world ar0und him. Being at grandparents’ means a lot of extra pampering. He loves playing merry go round in our arms — jumping from one to the other.  They love his presence too. Dad and sis especially look forward to the evenings after work to play with him. The only sour point is when he does not sleep till 12 am. By then everybody is drained of all energies and amidst simultaneous yawns are praying for Cuddles to get into bed.