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Am back yet again

October 18, 2012

Finally I am writing something here. This was supposed to be a baby blog chronicling Cuddles and his growing up. But I didn’t visualize my laziness  would keep me from posting for such long gaps.

First the updates :  Cuddles is officially 4, although mamma and pappa still can’t believe where the years flew by. Guess this is for all the times I yawned when my own mom used to reminiscence the day of my birth on every birthday. We celebrated the 4th with a bang — the entire khaandan including Cuddles lil friends at home.

In recent news it’s back to school after what seemed like an unending summer vacation. A new teacher awaited Cuddles and his class. This is the third in three months, hoping she will not quit mid way like the earlier one did.

And aaj ki taza khabar is that the school bus that used to come at the God forsaking hour of 6: 40 am will now come 10 mins earlier. Amen to that and goodbye to sleeping for 10 mins after hitting the snooze button on the alarm everyday 😦