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UAE: A baby friendly country

April 9, 2009

Wherever I go — from malls to hotels – I am so impressed with the baby-friendly facilities in this country. I have easily found baby changing rooms, changing stations and feeding rooms in most places. Just yesterday we went to the Radisson SAS hotel in Sharjah and bingo! what do I find in the ladies toilet ­­­­– a foldable baby changing station. Very thoughtful indeed.


I remember a few months back when we were planning to visit the Global Village, part of the Dubai Shopping Festival, I was pretty anxious about whether I would be able to breastfeed Cuddles. He was mainly on breastmilk then and I knew it would be a long journey and would require at least one feed in between. And as the Global Village is basically spread across a large open area I had my doubts about finding a feeding room. Well, I was surprised and relieved when I found a separate spacious tent with a toilet where mothers could feed and change babies.


I have found baby rooms in all the malls that I have visited till now. I remember going to Ikea in Dubai Festival city when Cuddles was just two months old. Right next to the store café was a small neat baby room with a chair and a changing board. Then again I was quite impressed with the large baby room in Burjuman Centre in Bur Dubai. It was very spacious, could accommodate several mothers and had toilets inside. The Babyshop, a kiddie store with several chains, has very thoughtfully created a mothers room inside the store with a comfortable rocking chair for mothers to feed babies.


I don’t know how the facilities are in the west. But back home in India they are quite non-existent.