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One month to go for the big Bdays

June 25, 2018

There is so much to write, so little time and so many hurdles to cross, so here am a little late, quite infrequent, yet deeply desirous of chronicling some of my motherhood cum my kids’ childhood memories. Just another month my two heartbeats turn 10 and 2 respectively. Its’ a decade of our parenting journey too. So much is happening in our lives that its impossible to keep pace and jot it down. But I will make a small attempt:

At the end of May one evening we were all gathered at our parents home for my brother in law’s birthday, he blew the candles and we all started singing, and then there was a tiny voice that said Happy to to, yes, Junior finally did get the hang of a birthday and a cake. His baby language is now more comprehensible as new words get added, sadly like Cuddles he is talking English too. So, he says, bath, water, chappa (for shoes), open, close, hello, bye, onee (honey), appla (apples), of course, papa, mamma and calls names for the extended family too.

Put on some foot tapping music and Junior matches steps with rhythm and a unique style of his own. He has no favourite toys really as he rarely sits at one place and plays, but few months ago he picked up a brown teddy bear at a store, calls him baby and walks around with him in his baby pram, sometimes even pretends to sleep with him in his cradle. He can eat apples with a fork, likes to dip his biscuit in our tea cups and can open the water tap and drink water in a glass. Quite an untamed brat, he has a terrible temper, he can claw the nape of your neck with his tiny nails, pull your hair and punch your chest and he is often angry.

Cuddles on the other hand is a more grounded, patient and understanding boy, with few demands. He recently surprised us with a his first solo singing performance on stage, his music teacher was raving about him. At school he has lots of homework, that he just wants to finish in a jiffy and go down to play his band of friends.

The two boys dont play together as Cuddles is mainly not interested and wants to do his own grown up things such as watch endless Bionic, cleveland, evanntube and other shows, or craft something with a toilet roll or paper, or read Twinkle comics, play on his tab and so on, Junior, is of course delighted if ever Cuddles shows interest in playing with him. But their play does worryingly become like a wrestling match with Junior climbing atop Cuddles, raining a few blows and in the end getting a painful whack and running to the nearest possible adult with a complaint about achacha (his name for Cuddles).


My lil universe

December 10, 2017

In Anuja Chauhan’s latest novel Baaz the sister of the main protagonist asks him to name his Mercury and Venus — the two people he is closest to and mean the world to him.  Taking a cue from that line of thought my Mercury and Venus are Cuddles and Junior. The three of us are like three planets rotating around each other. Cuddles’ role in this would be the least as he has an active life outside home – his school, building friends, sunday school, grandparents building friends, classes etc. But the Junior and I are inseparable, except for the times when the granny comes for babysitting and the rare evenings I drop him to his granny’s home. Our two bedroom apartment with Cuddles and Junior comprises a large part of my world today.

It is a bittersweet world that gets exasperatingly claustrophobic when I do not get any breaks–  when Junior sleeps, Cuddles comes back from school or the innumerable times I have to watch over the naughty little boy or police the big boy from watching too many cartoons, yet it’s immensely rewarding and joyful to see Junior’s antics and admire Cuddles’ intelligence and sensitivity.

I usually blog, rather force force myself to pen down the incredible moments in this parenting journey because of lack of time and the other reason being I always prioritise the writing work that gets me some moolah. There is something awe-inspiring, heart-breaking, sentimental and deeply moving that happens in my lil universe everyday. I am sure every parent would feel the same, that’s why they say to have a child is to have your heart walking around outside your body.

Coming back to the existing things in my universe, Cuddles, all of nine, is almost as tall as me, he reaches the top of my ears, wears a number 38 in shoe size. He aspires to be a spy when he grows up, he grows up. So, he is always cutting up paper, bits of plastic and many other things to create personalised spy gear, as a result an old belt gets a painted cardboard E at the buckle, ala the S of Superman, a used toilet roll cut into the shape of eyeglass frame with colourful toffee wrappers as the lens. His current favourite book is the spyboy Jack Stalwart series written by Elizabeth Singer Hunt. We go to buy the book at the neighbourhood library and before we reach home he starts reading the book and then he is obsessed with finishing it another hour or so. He is not the sporty types but he enjoys running around the building with his pack of friends. He is mostly seen watching cartoons everywhere — on his tab, on the computer, our phones if he can crack the passwords, yes, he is reprimanded for his obsession with the toons, alas it stays.

Junior, on the other hand, is a boy always on the move, who cannot sit still for a moment. He is a man with a mission — to sometimes climb the dining table and throw everything on the floor, climb over chairs, open drawers, throw phones on the floor, upstage paintings on the wall — the list is endless.

Quite surprisingly he learnt to get down from the bed by crawling backwards as early as at 10 months. Soon afterwards he learnt to take a step unassisted and unsupported. By the time he was ten and a half months old he was walking. He is a boy with a distinct character and strong temper — he can howl his heart out if he does not get what he sets his eyes on, slap people straight on their faces, grab toys from other kids (especially from his cousin sister who simply adores him but is not ready to share her own toys). Cutely he manages to get away with all the mischief and tantrums being the baby of the house. Of course, he is a charmer too who unlike Cuddles loves chatting with people on the phone. Although he said his first two clear words mamma and pappa at 11 months, he is yet to expand his vocabulary. The baby talk of course is utterly adorable – he can actually communicate what he wants to say, give him his toothbrush and he points at the toothpaste and says — guga guagoo. The dinner is served and Junior runs to dad says babacuppa kigagooli, pointing at the food, urging him to eat.

I make several videos of the brothers because I can’t seem to get enough of them and want to wrap every memory in my lens.


Junior update

June 5, 2017

Dear world

I will soon be a year old, and needless to say I am a busy man, exploring the world around me, which sometimes gets dangerous as I squiggle beneath the sofa and cannot manage to get out, or slip over a cushion and hit my face hard on the floor, be inches away from the detol bottle in the bathroom or lick some batteries when no one’s looking. My curiosity and antics make sure that my mom is always on high alert, which is why she barely finds time to write the blog.

Born in the era of whatsapp and instant communication, I am also in a hurry to reach milestones. I got my first tooth at 9 months and by 10 months I had four more. Days before 11 months birthday I walked a few steps unaided and there is no stopping me after that. I can climb on a two tier stool, I babble a lot, but I can clearly say mammaaa mammma, papa, baba baba.

I recently took my first flight and wowed everyone in the new city with my attention seeking antics, that involved a cute head tilt and a smile that would melt the admirers’ hearts. My striking blue grey eyes are of course the highlight of all conversations. I love playing with Cuddles who himself rarely showers undivided attention on me. My cousin N, on the other hand, is too clingy and I like to keep her at bay with a slap and a bite. Yes, I told you I am a brat, but a lovable one. Keep reading, tata tata until next time.


Cuddles and Junior

April 9, 2017

With Cuddles stepping into  grade 4 at school and Junior, a crawling livewire who wants to taste everything in his path, I can describe my current life as being caught in a whirlwind. I always knew life with two kids would very busy but a year ago I couldn’t have imagined how utterly crazy it would become. I am literally ignoring a million other things and forcing myself to write this post.  My inspiration to write has been the sweet nostalgia that fills me whenever I read past posts I wrote about life with Cuddles, so here I am penning what my babies are upto.

Baby No 1 who is almost as tall as me, he reaches upto my ears, has just started school. He continues to be great at manufacturing and engineering with an added flair for art. He can remember lyrics and sing a tune well. On the academics front he lagged behind mid term but thankfully was able to make up with good grades in the finals. At home he is slowly becoming the responsible elder bro who keeps his plate after dinner in the kitchen, fetches essential things for us when asked (not always though), keeps an eye on Junior when he meanders off to dangerous territories and has even been to the supermarket on his own.

Baby No 2 is days away from turning nine months, he can sit on his own and can also lift himself to stand with support. A fussy eater who likes sweet fruits (chickoos and mangoes) and the occasional cerelac, he is still on homemade porridges and purees. A super active baby Junior has no still moments, jumping, shaking, wriggling, crawling, he is always in action. We are yet to put him in a cradle, so he sleeps on his bed made on a floor mattress. The moment he wake up the first thing he does is to close the bedroom door, he is already trying his luck at opening drawers and cupboard doors. Point him to the door and he waves a bye with his tiny hand, in the company of his big bro he loves to play loudly.


The Big News

February 16, 2017

…is that we have expanded the Cuddles franchise to include a tiny member called Junior. Born coincidentally on the same day as his big bro Junior is winning us over with his cute antics.

At seven months Junior keeps his momma on her toes. Wriggling and squiggling to catch all that comes in his way Junior’s hands are always itchy to grab things that go straight into his mouth for a lick test. So, from the coarse fabric of the sofa covers, the metallic taste of my Samsung phone, the smooth tile of the floor, the plasticy bits of his musical toys or a strand of hair or a part of an adult’s hand — Junior has run his tongue all over them.

A curious being ready to explore his surroundings, his eyes are always at the door, waiting in anticipation of the world outside and of the people who would step inside. Coos and aahs, at times angry rrrrrs, Junior seems to be a good communicator, expressing his desire to start talking.

Crazy about his big bro Junior has the best time laughing and gurgling in joy while playing with Cuddles, who is fast growing up to be a big guy (he reaches till the top of my ears!!!).

Some notes from past months not published :

**At four months Junior has learnt to turn on his belly. Most times he welcomes us with a toothless drooling grin. There are of course angry outbursts too especially when he does not get what he wants in his hands.

** Days short of reaching the three month old milestone, the lil one loves to see his brother play who on the other hand is currently shy and hesitant to play with his younger sibling, we are hoping that as time passes the brothers will bond.


Heartwarming gesture

January 11, 2016


Since the past two days Cuddles was at work. Scissors, glue and his deft fingers were busy creating something, but behind close doors for it was a surprise he planned to unveil on my birthday. So, after the candles were blown and the cake was cut, Cuddles sheepishly handed me a paper note. It said ‘behind the kitchen door’.  Off I went, excited that finally I would get to see the grand surprise. But nooo… I was sorely mistaken, instead of a gift there was another paper note awaiting me. It read — ‘on the computer table’, well you guessed it right, he made me run around the house, with one paper note after another to finally the one that read ‘look under the bedsheet’. All that running around was totally worth it because under the sheets were a cute pair of handmade cards, specially created by Cuddles with love for his mamma’s birthday. Bless you my son. Cheers to many more adventures together.


Day 9 and 10 Weekend update

May 19, 2013

Both days went off in a blink. Friday was spent in packing as we are moving houses. Cuddles was very excited and kept asking me all kinds of questions about the cargo people who are supposed to do the final shifting. He wanted to know when they are coming, how will they pack, how will they take the sofa, so many curious questions in his little mind. The day ended with a lot of shopping and a McDonald’s happy meal for Cuddles with a spongebob square pants toy.

On Saturday we made a lazy start. Cuddles watched Lion King, did water colour, spilled colour on his clothes and dining table chair thrice, finally he made a card for his friend’s birthday next week. After the afternoon nap, we did some more packing and drove to Dubai to stay with the grandparents as Cuddles has joined a school in Dubai now.  His grandfather was expected to come late night after his week-long visit to India. We stepped into my parent’s house at 8:30 pm, Dad was expected to come by 10:30 pm. In an interval of 10 to 15 minutes Cuddles constantly inquired about his grandfather. “Mamma where is he now?” “Is he still in the plane.”  “What is he doing now?” Phewwww!!! I had a tough time responding with convincing answers.

When he did arrive, the first thing the little greedy boy asked was about his gifts. We had ordered a KungFu Panda sticker and activity book and a Pogo Arts and Craft book through Flipkart. Besides these two books his grandfather had got him many other colouring books, story books and activity books. So, Cuddles was  really happy and wasted no time in attacking the sticker books (his favourites). He finished two and had to be literally dragged to the bedroom.