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Day 16 The big move

May 27, 2013

The weekend was well-utilised for relocating our residence. The movers and packers did a fine job of packing our house, loading the truck and transferring all of that to our new house. Unlike our earlier house shifting experiences where we did everything on our own getting professional help made things easier. Although once everything was placed in the new house they managed to only fix the main furniture leaving behind suitcases of clothes, boxes of kitchen utensils and a lot of wall accessories (we are really big on them). Seeing the current mess in the house I shudder to think how many days of back breaking work will make it look like my own sweet home. Cuddles stayed at grandparents on the day of the shifting. Since then he has been a big help to his dad when he is fixing things at home. A happy Cuddles declared, “I like helping people”.


Day 15 Cuddles’ wisdom

May 27, 2013

With my sis in the family way there is a lot of talk about babies at home these days.

So, one morning Cuddles declared, “When I grow up I will also have a baby. I will be father.”

After a pause he wondered,¬†“But who will be mother.”

To which I said, “Your wife will be the mother.”

Obviously the next question was ‘who will be my wife’.

I had no answers to that, so Cuddles quietly pointed a finger at…..

ME (and we both laughed loud).




Day 14 My favourite things are

May 23, 2013

Food is non-vegetarian- Cuddles loves fish and chicken.

Most demanded item: Chocolate

Game: Racing

Past time: cartoons and activity books in that order

Person: his Mom (sheepish grin), guess his indulgent grandfather

Friend: S, his ex-school friend, he was crazy about that boy

Place: anywhere outdoor, park, mall, travel ūüôā

Dessert: Black forest cake

Dress: Jeans

Most desired: our mobile phones





Day 13 Katti dosti

May 23, 2013

Cuddles’ school friend A who adores him and plays with him most evenings was sulking when we reached her building. I presumed it was a case of bad moods. But even after some prodding and cajoling she was not talking to Cuddles. Finally her mom said that she is angry with Cuddles because he had her MnMs in the school bus. When I confronted Cuddles his reply was, “She was sharing it with me, so I took two.” Hmmm… so now those lessons of sharing with others have backfired on me, I need to deal with sharing with a line and with consent. Cuddles gave a smiling apology to A, who finally played a few of their favourite games together — Colour-colour, Chinese whisper, hide and seek and racing.


Day 12 Taking a mobile to school

May 21, 2013

The night before Cuddles casually told us he needed to take a mobile phone ¬†to school. When we asked him the reason he said, “I want to talk in class.” I couldn’t help but guffaw loudly after hearing the explanation. Of course, I dismissed it as a naughty prank and felt isn’t it too early for him to even think of taking a phone to school. I totally disapprove of this little children getting their own mobile phone business. ¬†Much to my disgust eight year-olds possess phones in our building. Some of them have even asked me about my phone model and told me smugly that they too have a similar phones.

Later that night when I opened the school website I was in for a surprise. One of the school projects that week was to learn telephone manners. It said the school intends to teach little ones  phone etiquette. Soon things fell into place that Cuddles was indeed speaking the truth. I found an old non-working phone and sent it with a note to the teacher.

The following day when he came back from school we asked him what he did with the phone. Getting information from Cuddles about what happened at school is like looking for a pin in a haystack. After much cajoling he said, “I spoke to you in school:)”

The day was also spent cleaning the new house. Cuddles carried the little bucket and was his naughty self — switching off lights, closing almirahs and bolting doors.



Day 11 Colours & Stickers

May 21, 2013



These have become a full time obsession for Cuddles. Thanks to his grandfather who has brought a variety of colouring, sticker and activity books for him from DC Books, his whole day is spent exploring them. He is so mad about them that they are the first things he touches as soon as he reaches home from school and the last thing he does before hitting the bed. He didn’t even ask to go down to play with his friends.


Day 9 and 10 Weekend update

May 19, 2013

Both days went off in a blink. Friday was spent in packing as we are moving houses. Cuddles was very excited and kept asking me all kinds of questions about the cargo people who are supposed to do the final shifting. He wanted to know when they are coming, how will they pack, how will they take the sofa, so many curious questions in his little mind. The day ended with a lot of shopping and a McDonald’s happy meal for Cuddles with a spongebob square pants toy.

On Saturday we made a lazy start. Cuddles watched Lion King, did water colour, spilled colour on his clothes and dining table chair thrice, finally he made a card for his¬†friend’s¬†birthday next week. After the afternoon nap, we did some more packing and drove to Dubai to stay with the grandparents as Cuddles has joined a school in Dubai now. ¬†His grandfather was expected to come late night after his¬†week-long¬†visit to India. We stepped into my parent’s house at 8:30 pm, Dad was expected to come by 10:30 pm. In an interval of 10 to 15 minutes Cuddles constantly¬†inquired¬†about his grandfather. “Mamma where is he now?” “Is he still in the plane.” ¬†“What is he doing now?” Phewwww!!! I had a tough time responding with convincing answers.

When he did arrive, the first thing the little greedy boy asked was about his gifts. We had ordered a KungFu Panda sticker and activity book and a Pogo Arts and Craft book through Flipkart. Besides these two books his grandfather had got him many other colouring books, story books and activity books. So, Cuddles was  really happy and wasted no time in attacking the sticker books (his favourites). He finished two and had to be literally dragged to the bedroom.