What’s on with Cuddles and Junior

March 29, 2018

I go on these long blog writing breaks and have to force myself to pen a few updates in the lives of the boys, so here it goes:

Cuddles is now a strapping 5th grader all set to start a new school, one that we found after several confusing and challenging months. He also recently represented his school in the First Lego League Championships and won the gold prize along with his team mates. His passion for engineering and his creativity is now getting him recognition outside the home as well. He is slowly growing up to be a multi talented kid who can sing well, paint well, is good in studies and has a head for building things, and for most part the the day is a well behaved boy too except when he has to be constantly told to uproot himself from the digital gadgets. If its not his tab, then its the computer, or my phone or the Television, there is a constant merry go round going on at home. He does have a set of friends to play with and his bicycle that he diligently rides on most days, yet at home he seems to be at a wits end how to spend his time besides tapping at some gadget. Part of the problem was the school that he was going to which had heavily relied on tablets to teach kids several subjects, the other issue is the way our houses are made here in the UAE with no outlets for free play. I so wish my kids had the childhood environment that I was lucky to have for at least the first 9 years of my life before I moved to the big city. My home was on the ground floor with a front garden and one at the back as well, tree lined, lush with fruits, flowers and bird nests. All the kids went to the same school in the neighbourhood and played for hours together. Sigh! Sigh !

Junior on the other hand a springly 20 month old, yes he literally has a spring under his legs it seems because he does not really walk, he jumps, leaps, climbs, falls, slips, howls, beats, bites and does a variety of things. Naughty is an understatement, one has to just watch his eyes and that smile when he is up to a prank , he can go to the farthest spot on the bed to throw tiny things behind the bed board.



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