First post of 2015

January 8, 2015

Well, the lazy mom has finally been inspired to pen down a few lines here. The inspiration came after a random picassa search that revealed one of Cuddles’ earliest videos. He is barely a few weeks or days old (can’t even recollect now), a Hindi song plays in the backdrop on a radio and little Cuddles is actually napping and his eager dad is recording. In his sleep he smiles, opens his eyes, looks innocently around, closes his eyes again and makes the suckling gesture from his mouth. What got me thinking was the fact that how adorably innocent he was then, and how overwhelmed I was with the new changes in my life that I really never savoured a moment of happiness from those days. It also got me thinking that how at 6 and a half years he still remains an adorably innocent child. Pair him with a group of similar aged kids and you will instantly know that he knows no malice unlike the oversmart brats his age. Although he is impatient and a whiner these days he still is very pure at heart. I sometimes worry for my naive child and how he will find his foothold in this increasingly slippery world. I still have to learn the lesson of letting go, and I really don’t know if I would ever.


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