Day 12 Taking a mobile to school

May 21, 2013

The night before Cuddles casually told us he needed to take a mobile phone  to school. When we asked him the reason he said, “I want to talk in class.” I couldn’t help but guffaw loudly after hearing the explanation. Of course, I dismissed it as a naughty prank and felt isn’t it too early for him to even think of taking a phone to school. I totally disapprove of this little children getting their own mobile phone business.  Much to my disgust eight year-olds possess phones in our building. Some of them have even asked me about my phone model and told me smugly that they too have a similar phones.

Later that night when I opened the school website I was in for a surprise. One of the school projects that week was to learn telephone manners. It said the school intends to teach little ones  phone etiquette. Soon things fell into place that Cuddles was indeed speaking the truth. I found an old non-working phone and sent it with a note to the teacher.

The following day when he came back from school we asked him what he did with the phone. Getting information from Cuddles about what happened at school is like looking for a pin in a haystack. After much cajoling he said, “I spoke to you in school:)”

The day was also spent cleaning the new house. Cuddles carried the little bucket and was his naughty self — switching off lights, closing almirahs and bolting doors.



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