Day 9 and 10 Weekend update

May 19, 2013

Both days went off in a blink. Friday was spent in packing as we are moving houses. Cuddles was very excited and kept asking me all kinds of questions about the cargo people who are supposed to do the final shifting. He wanted to know when they are coming, how will they pack, how will they take the sofa, so many curious questions in his little mind. The day ended with a lot of shopping and a McDonald’s happy meal for Cuddles with a spongebob square pants toy.

On Saturday we made a lazy start. Cuddles watched Lion King, did water colour, spilled colour on his clothes and dining table chair thrice, finally he made a card for his friend’s birthday next week. After the afternoon nap, we did some more packing and drove to Dubai to stay with the grandparents as Cuddles has joined a school in Dubai now.  His grandfather was expected to come late night after his week-long visit to India. We stepped into my parent’s house at 8:30 pm, Dad was expected to come by 10:30 pm. In an interval of 10 to 15 minutes Cuddles constantly inquired about his grandfather. “Mamma where is he now?” “Is he still in the plane.”  “What is he doing now?” Phewwww!!! I had a tough time responding with convincing answers.

When he did arrive, the first thing the little greedy boy asked was about his gifts. We had ordered a KungFu Panda sticker and activity book and a Pogo Arts and Craft book through Flipkart. Besides these two books his grandfather had got him many other colouring books, story books and activity books. So, Cuddles was  really happy and wasted no time in attacking the sticker books (his favourites). He finished two and had to be literally dragged to the bedroom.


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