Day 6 and 7

May 16, 2013

On Day 6 Cuddles came back home looking very tiered with slight cough. He rested and looked better so off we went to Burjuman Centre to see Chef Sanjeev Kapoor in action at the Treat Fest.  Little did I know that Sanjeev Kapoor enjoyed a star fan following as big as that of Bollywood stars. There were women in all shapes queuing to get photos and autographs — those who did not have paper opted for tissues :), in that crowd one grand mom wanted to click him holding her grandson, which he politely declined. Such was the frenzy that we got no seats to see the live cooking, all this waiting and walking made Cuddles an impatient boy. He tugged, pulled, complained — finally we decided to head back home. When we reached home his body seemed warm, there was slight temperature, did some self medication, then called the homeopath and administered medicines as prescribed. He was better by morning, but as a precaution didn’t send him to school. So, Day 7 was filled with naughty acts that drove me up the wall.  



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