Day 5 Extra Playtime

May 13, 2013

Everyday Cuddles plays with his school friend A and her elder sister. But today being Akshay Trithiya their mom was busy shopping. Although it is difficult to make Cuddles see reason in such situations he agreed to just cycle today. But as luck would have it the absence of his friends was compensated in the form of many more friends.  First we chanced upon another boy of the same age from our building out cycling with his mom. He and Cuddles raced and played for a while. Then we both took a round of our building – him on the cycle and I on foot.

When we came back all sweaty and tiered we found two other boys (who always call Cuddles to play at mid-afternoon when he is sleeping) playing under the building. So Cuddles played with them — hide and seek, races and badminton fighting (such unsafe games do exist).

Finally when I cajoled him to leave our next door neighbour, a boy of 10, and Cuddles’ much admired older friend, turned up with his big cycle. As the other two boys took turns learning the big cycle Cuddles just watched excitedly from the sidelines. He didn’t trust the big cycle and his friend’s promise that he will hold him. Alas like his mom he has major trust issues. Like him I was reluctant to try anything new, afraid of even the swings in the school (yeah they do make people like us). It had been almost two hours since we had stepped out to play, so I forced Cuddles to go back home. We reached our door and out popped another little face asking, “Aunty can Cuddles play with us, we are all going down to play, pleaaase send him.” That was it, Cuddles was ready to run down again. But this time I was not going to give in. After washing hands and post a bowl of grapes, came a meek voice, “Mumma now can I go down.” Phew!! my legs and patience could take it no more, so I requested the dad to do the needful.

While I am writing this post I can hear loud calls, shrieks of joy and a lot of chatter 🙂


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