Day 4 Mother’s Day

May 12, 2013

Today was mother’s day, but wait wasn’t it mother’s day a few days ago as well. I always believed I don’t need a day to make my mom feel special, but yes one learns to flow with the tide, so on the last mother’s day (which was in March this year) I and sis gifted mom a bouquet of flowers. Cuddles tried to make a card for me, but lost interest (he did give me a birthday card earlier this year, so I have no qualms about not receiving one on mother’s day). If at all there was any yearning for a card it was fulfilled during a shopping trip to Babyshop where they were gifting mother’s day cards.

Cuddles came back from school with a coloured paper plate where he had drawn two flowers and a heart and the teacher had pasted a printed message that read ‘When God made mums, he gave me the best’ 🙂 and that sure made my day.


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