Day 2 and 3 weekend update

May 12, 2013

So typical of me to have actually forgotten to post in the last two days after committing to a blogathon. I remembered about the daily posts in the car yesterday driving back from Sharjah to Dubai.

Well, weekend started with church and sunday school for Cuddles. After which we rushed for a movie leaving Cuddles with grandparents (a rare treat for us). By the time we returned Cuddles was enjoying a mock game of being a pilot aboard a plane with his grandfather as the passenger and grandmother as the reluctant air hostess  While playing he stopped her from serving food to the pilot because he said air hostesses never serve food to pilot’s cabin 🙂

Friday Evening Cuddles played with his friends at home as we were too lazy to step out.

Saturday morning grandfather went for an outstation trip. Cuddles did his bit by sticking tape on the luggage, suggesting to pack the tape recorder to fill in empty spaces in the bags, repairing a torn box of sharpeners and last but not the least folding a random handkerchief and stuffing it into his grandfather’s  pocket. He is now counting days and eagerly awaiting return favours in the form of gifts.

In the evening we decided to have some beach fun and headed to the beach with some eatables and the sand play set. Cuddles’s enjoyed playing in the sand and splashing water.  His school will be holding an indoor beach fun day soon and this seemed like a prelude to it.


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