Day 1 School tales and an unfinished tiffin

May 9, 2013

Well, this is a forced self instructed daily blogathon to capture the everyday joys of Cuddles. I had started the blog with big plans of writing regular posts on life with my adorable son but seeing the abysmal number of times I have written I had to do this.

So here goes, this is going to be just a record of what Cuddles does everyday so that at least I can look back and be happy at times gone by especially in the wake of an ever fading memory.

The day started as always at 6:30 am. Cuddles woke up happily when I told him that today is the last day of the week. He is always ready for a competition, we compete to drink milk, water, food, get ready with family members, one-on-one, with his bus stop friends, so he is delighted when he reaches the bus stop earlier than the others. Today he managed to reach earlier than the kid in our building.

He is back from school at 12:40 pm. When I opened his bag I found the absent diary, a homework book and an unfinished tiffin. With him being a picky eater there are very few options for lunch. It is the same cycle of four things that churned one day per week — mostly bread, fruit, cake, milkshake, dosa chutney. He used to eat parantha in his nursery but has of late developed an aversion to it in the tiffin. Although he had promised to eat it in the morning he didn’t. Thankfully I had kept a muffin as well along with the parantha which he ate up. I forever worry what will happen next year when he would be grade 1 and will return home only late afternoon. Hoping for some magic.




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