Some positive musings

March 1, 2012

I have always had a definite negative streak in me, not criminal or destructive but mostly a pessimistic way of life. My earliest memory of its birth is when I was in school. I knew I haven’t done very well in the exam, so instead of being positive and thinking of getting good scores, I prepared myself for the worst and said that I have not done well and I might even fail in the test. Behind all this is a defence mechanism that wants to protect me from a shock. So, when the results are finally out and I realise that I have scored decent marks, am delighted as I was anyway expecting really low scores. But this defence pessimism eventually took over my psyche where I started expecting the worst in any situation.

But I am not here to write about how or what negativity did to me, instead I want to describe a few recent streaks of luck or you could call it positive thinking in my life. It started with a lucky draw and winning a nice gadget, which I wished for on several occasions and knew did not fit into  my current budgetary plans. The next was a dream of  nice holiday, and the subsequent talk that we cannot afford it this year as Cuddles start school. Just the next day God paved way for this dream to become a reality.

And the most recent of all the lucky positivity relates to Cuddles, who had a performance in his school. During the act I could not record him as I messed up some buttons, my disappointment knew no bounds. I kept talking and cribbing that whole day about how I could not record him. But as luck would have it, I get a call from the school that there is a possibility that Cuddles might repeat the performance, as he is required as a back up if some other children don’t perform. The next day I arrived armed with the camera and recorder but I sensed that he might not really not perform although I had been visualising his second performance and my recording. Yet again luck shined and Cuddles got his chance when the student who was to perform got cranky in the end. Well, I did come back a very happy mom, who is more than ever determined to let the positivity in her blossom.




  1. U knw wht Elizabeth u cd have been describing me in the 1st para…..but this is not abt me 😛
    Congrats on the gadget and the holiday:-))!!!
    And the best u saved for the last huh…….truly a stroke of luck that one, but here I’m more convinced that the Almighty heard you and provided…the opportunity I mean.

    That positivity bit at the end………it spoke to me:-)).

  2. Now I can’t say I am not lucky 🙂

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