First day of school

September 18, 2011

It’s a momentous day in Cuddleland for the brat started nursery school today. Mamma was more anxious than him, was jittery about crying spells etc but the brat confidently strode into the school bus, took his seat and went off with us standing there feeling a little lost. In half an hour a teacher  called to say that he was doing fine. By then it was time to pick him up. The first two days he comes back early.

With Cuddles in school, the entire routine in our house changes, from early to bed to early to rise to no more late nights on weekdays to four free hours for me to do whatever I want 🙂



  1. Aha this is goodnews 😀

    The fact tht cuddles adjusted soooo well

    and also the news tht u have 4 hrs of free time…I sooo understand the joy 😀

    p.s: i thought u worked, now where did I get tht idea 😛

  2. Hey Nancy, nice to see your comment. Cuddles s enjoying school and I work from home and it’s got better with him going to school.

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