The birthday update

July 25, 2011

So, the birthday came with a bang and was celebrated with much aplomb. The day started at the Dubai Dolphinarium where Cuddles clapped loudly each time the seals and dolphins managed to twirl a ball on their noses and danced and dived into the water.  It was followed by a visit to the church to receive blessings on the blessed day. By then it was noon and we headed home for lunch and to prepare for the evening. We had decorated the house with a banner, bright balloons and  butterflies that hung on ribbons from the ceiling. Cuddles had been away the night before, so he was quite enchanted with all the decor at first. By now, he couldn’t wait to blow the candles and cut his Barney cake. Before it could erupt into a nasty tantrum session, better sense prevailed and Cuddles agreed that birthdays happen in the evening. The last few hours ticked by in hectic preparations in the kitchen and frequent trips to the supermarket with happy notes of Cuddles singing the birthday tune in the background. At first he was the shy boy when guests came in, but, in a short while he was back to being what he is  — a brat — the damages included two spillages of beer cans, cushions on the floor, sitting on the dining table loaded with food, presents opened, inspected and then discarded in full public glare and refusal to eat anything except slices of cucumber. But then whoever said terrible twos and toublesome threes knew what they were saying. The cake was chocolate truffle, the birthday outfit was red check shirt and denim shorts, the main course was Indian. All in all an enjoyable day and a very special one too.



  1. Awwwww…..belated belated Birthday Wishes Cuddles!!!!

    God Bless U lil guy!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Nancy

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