Cuddles gets mail

July 3, 2011

Dear Cuddles

You are just days away from turning three, a momentous milestone for both you and me. On most days you are a brat who keeps me on my toes and our house upside down, but in all this madness I thank God a million times for making you mine. For filling my life with unconditional love, wet kisses and sweet hugs that are guaranteed anytime of the day.

This year has been a toughie for all of us, but you have been oblivious of all the pain it has caused you. I learnt from you to live life as it comes, to be madder than ever before and to come back to new joys and crazy adventures. It’s been a year of exploring fun activities, seeing you dabble effortlessly in three languages and turning into a restless-curious and an adorable lil big boy.

The costliest toys don’t mean much to you because re-arranging the drawing room furniture is more fun. Running recklessly remains your most loved activity and your partner in crime is your grandfather who puts his army boot camp fitness levels to good use when with you. Chasing cockroaches and flies is your new found pastime much to your mother’s displeasure. You are a puzzle addict taking on your Sudoku fan of a dad. Food is what you eat when suitably distracted with stories, stickers or videos. Like your parents I can forsee a future movie addict who does not bat an eyelid when in front of the idiot box.

A paragraph is not enough to chronicle your wild year, but the daal needs attention and this is all that your ‘lazy with words’ mom can churn out.

The birthday plans are going to be a lil different this year. Hope you enjoy the day. It’s truly a blessed one.

Love Mom



  1. so heartwarming this post!

  2. thanks chandni

  3. Oh my goodness I was just about to write the same as chandni 🙂

    “….a future movie addict who does not bat an eyelid when in front of the idiot box.”
    My daughter is like tht…I have to remind her to blink or threaten to switch off the tv 😀

  4. Hope the threats work in your case 🙂

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