More Cuddles talk

May 25, 2011

I fix one of his puzzles and he says: Good boy mamma 🙂

He is rummaging inside the toy basket, after a while, there is a loud cheer and he says I found it 🙂

Yesterday he asks me, Mamma give me a bedsheet, mujhe thand lag rahi hai

Everyday we are amazed and impressed at his growing vocabulary. He is observing, listening and learning every minute. We are always asking ourselves, “where did he pick this from, how did he learn this?” Guess as first time parents each thing that Cuddles does is new for us. Hope to stay blessed like this forever.



  1. Know wht u mean but u know wht…our amazement never ever ends really…even now when my 9yr old says something thouhgful & intelligent, we look at eachother in amazement & are impressed 😀

  2. sorry a typo….mean to write thoughtful 😛

  3. Agree with you completely Nancy.

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