My baby@ 23 months

June 21, 2010

Last month Cuddles and I joined a yoga class where while mamma does her asanas Cuddles runs amok dodging matrons in various yogic postures. Though as a friend pointed out yoga should be done in deep concentration and in complete silence (definitely not with a kid playing around) I am ever so thankful that Cuddles is allowed in the class. The other option for me was joining the evening class, which would have compromised on play time in the park.  And well, he does not really run around the entire time in class. He does take breaks in between to pull my hair, play hide and seek, distribute his cookies, sit on my lap if it’s Paschimottanasana and on my tummy if it’s Shavaasana, practice deep breathing which looks more like sniffing while I do some Pranayama.

His toothy smile with a tilt to the side has earned him quite a fan following in class. Everyday at the end of the class there is a mock request to take him home to which Cuddles  responds by holding the requisitioner’s hand and waving back to his own mamma.  Well, anything to not go home is the sole mantra of dear Cuddles.  Like his parents he enjoys the outdoors. As always he makes friends easily. But who would believe that this angelic child has quite a temper.  Making him eat food is a herculean task. Two morsels and the third is sure to be spat out. The only way he eats is when he is suitably distracted with a youtube nursery rhyme or a cat on the street or some pigeons who grace our balcony occasionally… that’s it, my options end in that sad way.

His vocabulary on the other hand is expanding every day.  The boy who uttered just a few words some months back is blabbering non-stop surprising us with new words. Living with bilingual parents and in close vicinity of Malayalam-speaking grandparents Cuddles is turning out to be quite multilingual himself. He calls water – maani, milk- pal and cheese chish. In all this learning,  my young cousin  visiting us learnt a hard lesson. Completely bowled over by his little nephew Cousin A calls lil Cuddles many terms of endearment. One of which is kochu kalla (kochu means little and kalla means thief). Cuddles picked up the word Kalla very soon and would say it in a very sing song fashion. But the funny part began when he started addressing Cousin A as kalla. It gets really funny when he calls out to him loudly in the midst of a crowd, on the road…  we can’t stifle the giggles.



  1. Such a lovely post. My dear little Cuddles is a smart chap. Don’t go by his smile and try to make a fool of him. He would just give it back as he did with your cousin. muah, muah, cuddles.

  2. Cuddles says thankeee

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