Snapshots from our trips

June 1, 2010

Travelling gives me a great high. The joy of just planning a trip is enough to lift my spirits, not to forget the many perks of the outdoors. Hills, beaches, forts, local delicacies… I just love it all.  I am fortunate  to have been part of many memorable journeys. Here’s my pick of five beautiful pics from our travels for the Travel Photo Contest by Blogadda in association with Pringoo.

Alexandria coastline

Cairo was the highlight of our Egypt trip. But little did we know that neighbouring Alexandria would steal our hearts forever. As you can see Alexandria has a mesmerising coastline. One can enjoy this view smoking sheesha and sipping chai in the many cafes dotted along the corniche promenade that runs along this coast. Perfect place for a relaxed vacation.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

As we were driving up the winding road to this massive fort I could not help but gape wide-eyed at this imposing structure, standing strong and mighty like its builders the Rathores. The fort is as impressive from inside as it looks from outside with beautiful frescos, intricate carvings and huge courtyards. This trip was especially memorable as it was the last travel we did as a couple. Cuddles was then a four-month old foetus.

Waterfall enroute Munnar

Isn’t this just gorgeous? Nature at its best — and where else but in God’s own country.  A group of us were driving to Munnar and spotted this cascade. The picture is so symbolic of the lush green beauty of Kerala and I feel blessed to be born in the lap of nature.

Sherab Ling Monastery, Palampur

I always associated monasteries with white walls, saffron clad monks and tranquillity until I stepped into the Sherab Ling monastery near Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. The place was a riot of colours. I just could not peel my eyes off the intricate designs on the walls depicting legends from Tibetan culture.

Pushkar lake

This is one of my favourite pics. What I love about it most is the flight of the birds captured in the backdrop of the scenic lake and the Brahma temple in the middle. This is also one of the trickiest places I have been to because I didn’t expect so much beauty and peace in the middle of bursting  alleys lined with shops selling typical Rajasthani ware and teeming with touts.



  1. wow, beautiful pictures. I loved them all. Good luck for the contest.

  2. Beautiful images. Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur is always been my favorite.
    All the best.

    My Travel Photos

  3. Lovely pictures all of them. Good luck to you.

  4. Thanks Vivek, Rajesh and Ashwini. More than winning participating was important.

  5. Gr8 pics. I hv a similar pic @ the waterfall 🙂
    Gud luck 🙂

  6. Thanks Swaram, Gud luck to you too 🙂

  7. Wow, i wanna visit all these places!! Lovely pics…

    I was stunned by the rich burst of colors at the Namdroling monestary in Bylakuppe, coorg.. like you, i too thot monestaries were plain and staid!! 😀

    Good luck

  8. wow, lovely pics. best wishes for the contest. My fav is the last pic, never knew Pushkar could be so beautiful.

  9. Thanks Aarti and sscribbles. Just compiling these pictures brought back so many happy memories. Totally enjoyed participating in this contest.

  10. Wow…u seem to have travelled all over India. The pictures are beautiful ofcourse and the memories attached must be really special:-)

  11. Yes Nancy, travel memories are always special and addictive urging me to revisit them again and again 🙂

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