Ten honest scraps

April 19, 2010

I have been tagged by the wonderful sscribbles (a great friend, mom and professional) for the honest scrap award in which I need to list 10 honest things about myself that no one knows about and pass it on to 10 other bloggers.

Now this surely got me thinking about myself.

1. I never intended to breastfeed Cuddles and ended up feeding him for 15 months and six months exclusively on breastmilk.

2. I was a papa’s girl till I discovered a side to him that I don’t relate to and now we hardly have conversations beyond the usual chit chats.

3. Travelling is a passion that keeps me alive and looking forward to life.

4. I love planning parties and get togethers at home. But these days I am rather lazy to plan anything.

5. Though I can never remember dialogues, verses or lyrics from movies, books or songs I never forget a face.

6. I am a hard core pessimist and I live with a die hard optimist.

7. While my mum and nani are revered as great cooks I somehow missed inheriting their cooking genes. On my part I have mastered the fine art of sloppy and easy cooking.

8. I can go to any lengths to meet a friend, help a friend or be with a friend. Good friends mean a lot to me.

9. I never cared for my looks or they way I turn out. Post motherhood the attitude suits me more than ever.

10. My several ailments have left me with such self-doubt that even the slightest of acidity makes me wonder if it’s a heart attack.

I now tag four bloggers (sorry cant think of 10)




Dad in Dubai



  1. Loved the adjectives u used for pessimist/optimists 😀

    I too suffer from the 9 & 10 ailments 🙂

    Thanks for tagging me but I’ve already done it here…

  2. Love the header 🙂

  3. Thanks Nancy, shall read yours now.

  4. Sorry to read about #2

    I used to be that way about friends till I realized that I was taken undue advantage of by many. But I still have my set of friends who are very dear to me.

    and LOL @ #6 :)) … in my case, I’m a dreamer and hubby brings me back to earth.

    I’ll do the tag soon, Thanks for tagging me 🙂

  5. Kids, make you do, what you never thought would do. That’s motherhood. I can totally agree with your points 6 and 8. And I miss the get-togethers at your house 😦

  6. @priyanka: waiting for your scraps.
    @sscribbles: nodding heads to your responses.

  7. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for tagging me. Done!


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