Potty training goes for a toss

April 1, 2010

When Cuddles was 10 months old we got him a cute blue potty from Ikea. It was not very comfortable for him and we soon changed it to a pink one this time with a back rest from a small store nearby. He didn’t oblige at first but very soon if I gave him things to hold like a book or a piece of thread or a tube of cream he would sit on it. In a couple of weeks it became a routine to make him sit on the potty after his bottle of milk in the morning. Quite effortlessly he seemed potty trained.

In fact we carried a small potty on our India trip last year and got supportive nods from all and sundry on an early potty training. Though pee training was not achieved at that time I was quite pleased that the big job had been handled quite  successfully.

Well, that was then. Don’t know exactly when but a few months after his first birthday we started seeing signs of aversion to the potty. He would sit and get up and run around, then be made to sit again and he would be restless wanting to explore other things. I did try to engage him but found it was getting quite impossible to make him sit on the pinky pot. So, realising his aversion I thought of taking a break from potty training for sometime.

That break literally seems to have extended forever. In between I have tried to make him sit on the potty several times. But he is so averse to the idea that these days he howls or just runs away. On the other hand he is getting pee trained as I take him to the loo several times in the day.

Phew!!!! Now where did we begin and where are we heading to?



  1. hey, give him some time. I am sure the brat is gonna get his schedule right.
    btw, you have been awarded, so please pick it from my blog and follow the tag.

  2. Thanks sscribbles for that tag, will do it soon.

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