Antics of a Superbrat at 18 months

February 8, 2010

Before we became parents naughty kids were treated with much disdain. Among our circle of friends were two dhurandhars, whose visits were totally dreaded. One of them was a real whiner and more than being naughty was completely irritating with his many tantrums to draw attention. The other one was the real brat who would leave our house completely topsy turvy. All along we silently said if they were ours, we wouldn’t let them be the way they were. Naughty kids need to be disciplined, this is no way to behave in other’s house.

Today we are truly eating humble pie.

What do you do when the brat in question is none other than your own child? Can I be blamed for wanting to scream my lungs out after putting the shoe rack back in order the fourth time in a row.

These days wherever the apple of our eye walks he leaves a trail of mess behind. Drawers are pulled out, all the content first taken out then hurled in all directions. Water sippys emptied on the floor, furniture re-arranged in all possible ways, phones and CDs get rubbed on the floor. Cuddles really doesn’t like the way things have been arranged in the house. So he is always experimenting with the settings – leaving us tumbling on toys, cushions and what not. He fiddles with the CD player, the mouse and the laptop. Creams and tubes are quietly licked and pieces of thread and other rubbish gently chewed at the slightest slip of mamma’s eyes.

Most times in a day I am tidying up this mess. Neither am I house-proud nor am I willing to invite anyone to this mess. Chanting the mantra let go and let it be.



  1. Give me a neat-and-tidy-house with a quiet child, or a messy home with an active child, i’ll take the messy home any time :-))

    but maybe u can teach him to keep back the things he has thrown. make it like a game, but don’t expect spectacular results, of course!!! children get bored easily…

    Rubbing the CD on the ground, licking the creams – all these take me back to my child’s toddler days. if u have time, read this: http://powerpuffnidhi.blogspot.com/2008/01/do-you-want-to-learn-glass-painting.html

  2. yeah Sangeetha everyone likes an active kid, but some days it just gets to me, esp when I have low energy levels 😦
    going to read your post now.

  3. If u cant beat them join them 😀

    It is like that but u can try teaching him….it may not register immediately but in the long run will definitely make a difference.

  4. Agree with you Nancy. These days some of his energies have been channelised into new found joys of colouring, but the walls, the floor and the bedsheets are the new targets these days:)

  5. LOL! I know what you mean. Its too hard to discipline these tiny tots about these things. Try to sing a ‘Cleaning Up’ song and make him help you in tidying up. Thats the best suggestion I can offer as I do that with Aashna.

  6. thanks priyanka. In fact he does enjoy putting some of the mess back these days.

  7. LOL, the brat is giving his father some sleepless nights. I feel any child who is not active isn’t a lot of fun to be around. the brat and MLS will hit off very well.

  8. You bet, Brat’s dad and mum have never lived in more messier environments. Waiting to meet MLS 🙂

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