A Christmas update

December 28, 2009

Each year as we celebrate Christmas it fills me with the joyful realisation that God has once again given me the opportunity to enjoy this special day. This xmas I felt that gratitude even more, days before I could barely get up from bed and I wondered how Xmas would turn out. But my fears were laid to rest as slowly I gained my energy and I was able to spend a wonderful Christmas among my loved ones.

When we stayed in Delhi Christmas was usually spent with friends. We would get rich plum cakes baked from the local bakery and usually have some wine to go with it. There would be friends for lunch or dinner or at both times. The food would usually be north Indian considering my abysmal south Indian culinary skills. But I always missed Christmas at home, gorging on mum’s excellent goodies. Since our shift to UAE last year this wish has been granted and now I am able to enjoy a great Christmas with the entire clan.

On Christmas eve we went to church for night service, listened to carols and had some yummy plum cake and got home by midnight. Cuddles wore a red Santa cap with twinkling lights, which he refused to take off the entire time. He was very happy to stand near the carol singers and was even tapping his foot.

Christmas morning started rather late as we slept till mid morning. We got up to a sumptuous breakfast of appam and egg stew. Lunch is usually a traditional Kerala spread, but that means mum gets over-worked. So, sis and I decided to make things easier for her. The day before we stocked the fridge with several ready to cook goodies. There was Greek salad, assortment of kebabs, mum’s special Chicken biryani and raita, plum pudding with vanilla ice cream, apple cake and carrot cake. Not too lavish, but mum was really breathing easy and we were happy to miss the aveeyal, thoran, meen curry, beef fry routine J for once.

Evening was spent shopping. All in all a quiet-stress-free merry xmas. Here’s a silent prayer to many more xmasy times with my loved ones.



  1. Christmas with family is the best 🙂

    Wishing U a wonderful year ahead!!!!!

    p.s: u’ve been awarded 😀

  2. wow, this is my first award on blogosphere. thanks a ton, kind lady nancy.

  3. ahhhhhhh, i really miss the cake. btw, u had quite a lavish spread, lady.

  4. thanks sscribbles, your presence was missed as well.

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