Some milestones

October 10, 2009

There has been a lot happening in Cuddle land but tired overworked mamma has not found time to blog.  First it was the holiday to India then some work from home… and the blogging break just got dragged on and on. Not that I was ever a regular in the blogworld but even the occasional post did not seem to happen.

In the meanwhile Cuddles decided to be not so lazy about making the most of life…  walking, sprinting and galloping all around. It is a visual treat to see your baby finally on his two feet. The feat happened sometime in the 13th month. And he did surprise us as he had seemed too comfortable on his fours and quite edgy while walking without support that we had in fact thought that this milestone will take long to achieve. Well, Cuddles did have the last word here.

When walking has been mastered it is eating and drinking that is taking the backseat these days. From the baby who ate bowlfuls of kichdi and mashed veggies it is a struggle to make him eat even spoonfuls. Water seems to be his biggest peeve. He hates drinking water, so dismal is the intake that it is really getting me worked up. Trying all drinks from chach to juice to nariyal pani.

Considering the fact that cats are the only animals spotted on UAE roads one of Cuddles’ first words happens to be taatt. He is totally fascinated by them and calls out to them as they sit staring back at him atop garbage cans and from alleyways. His vocabulary also includes aall for ball, mamama, papa and elllo with any object positioned near the ear. There is a lot more he understands though he is yet to speak those words. The other day he surprised us by pointing to his foot when mum said kaal (i.e Malayalam for leg).  That’s when I realised that my lil baby is observing and assimilating so many things that I am not even aware of.

The other really cute thing he does is an impromptu hands up, shake the head, turning in circles jig every time he hears even the faintest note of music.  Two funny incidents that happened with this were — when dad was sitting in the park with him, a car with a blaring horn passed by, next minute without fail Cuddles started the jig, leaving dad and some other passersby in splits. Then once Cuddles’ pa was switching on the radio with Cuddles standing just behind… again the first note of music and Cuddles lifts his tiny hands up in the air for the jig and whaaaacks his pa in the eye.

So, next time Cuddles and music are together the others beware.



  1. Once they taste the joys of walking on their 2 little feet, crawling is completely forgotten…just wait & watch cuddles will be running around sooner than u think :-))

    Ur cuddles dancing to music reminded me of a few memories I have…….U knw just before bath I used to turn the music on & let my kids loose on the living room floor with just pampers on. I loved watching the way their pampers covered bottom would move in rhythm with the music :-D.

  2. That’s so hilarious, the pamper rap 🙂

  3. How was the India trip? Cuddles must have had a superb time?

  4. Wow!

    What a Black Eye Dad you have got there!

  5. Meira: the trip went very well, Cuddles had a great time, there were so many people to pamper him and keep him entertained.

    Dad in Dubai: It’s not so bad 🙂

  6. Awww…would love to see Cuddles do his lil dance. Its so cute when babies dance at the slightest sound of music. I hope you have video recorded all this 🙂
    I’ve written a loooong post about how Ash isn’t eating well these days, its a universal complaint by parents of toddlers 🙂

  7. wow, cuddles sure gonna turn out into a rockstar. watch out mommy 🙂

  8. Priyanka: well, yet to record it, we are all lazy people around here, now that you reminded will definitely record it. read about ash’s toddlerhood eating drama and commented as well.

    Sscribbles; thanks dear, mommy is all eyes and ears.

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