He’s a charmer

July 8, 2009

This one particular image of my baby will remain with me forever. Playful, joyous and so pure. Most weekends we take the bus ride from Sharjah to Dubai to visit family. The bus is usually packed and Cuddles always finds many admirers. The friendly baby that he is most can’t escape his showtime charms. Usually his direct in the face toothless smile is enough to charm most people. But if that doesn’t work he claps or calls out to people sitting across, sometimes even craning his neck to make eye contact and basically keeps sending friendly feelers.

 Last week, we boarded the bus pretty late in the night, so it was quite empty. That meant Cuddles had fewer fans to attract. He was so restless that I made him stand on his seat. While I and his dad were busy chatting. We heard a squeal of laughter and just turned to see what was so interesting and what do I find, my charming boy was playing peek-a-boo on his own with some passengers seated at the back. The sight was so amusing. I guess some of them played along for a while and then got bored, but my boy was quite determined. In the end he did succeed in winning new fans, most of were seen waving at him while getting off from the bus.



  1. Oh he’s definitely a charmer. Such a friendly baby. Kisses to Cuddles.

  2. Cuddles says thank you

  3. 11 months? Thats an adorable age. My niece turned 1 a couple of months back! Sweet age 😀

  4. thanks meira for stopping by.

  5. Hey nice to see another UAE-ean 🙂
    lovely kid.. god bless and touch wood..

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