11, so soon

June 14, 2009

How time flies? Literally at rocket speed.  I just can’t believe it that Cuddles is 11 months old (just another month away from reaching the landmark first b’day).  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I used to walk around with my big belly, anticipate the big day of delivery or think of holding my bundle of joy?

To say that the past 11 months have changed my life is an understatement.  Each day has brought a new challenge, a learning experience, some unforgettable moments and many cherished memories. Never do I tire of thanking God for this precious gift of motherhood, which has brought unique experiences into my life.

Before becoming a mother I never knew that a baby can bring so much joy into your life. All it takes is a small smile and tilt of his head to melt my heart.  His playful acts and baby talk are more entertainment than any happening sitcom on the television. His little gestures tug at my heart better than those tear-jerker sentimental books I have ever read.

At 11 months my little man is an accomplished crawler, moving around on his fours. He has managed to stand on his own without any support a couple of times.  He can open and shut drawers and doors with ease and these days is trying his hand on the fridge door. His baby talk takes on different tones at different times, some of it is even decipherable. He can pass the ball back and forth, open and shut boxes and still loves turning the pages of books. His favourite toy though remains all stringy things — wires or threads. A good way to make him eat his food is to give him a piece of long string or an entangled wire like that of an ear phone. He is so engrossed in untangling and pulling it that he does not even realise the spoonfuls of food being quietly tucked into his mouth. Wonder what’s so interesting about these threads.

In this month he also had an accident: a fall from his pram. Thankfully he did not get hurt badly except for a small cut on the inside of his lip, which healed with two applications of glycerin. He also fell ill for almost a week, refusing to eat anything including breastmilk, resulting in the loss of a few kilos evident from his now bony body.



  1. Happy 11 months Lil Cuddles!

    Pictures Please 🙂
    Looks like he is a problem solver, loves to disentangle things 🙂

  2. tks priyanka…
    yes, i hope so too.

  3. Hi,

    I have been following up your blog for some time now. Amazing it is, how we transform from overgrown teenagers to parents and guardian angels. A great joy, a privilege and a supreme responsibility.

    All the best to Cuddles.

    Dad in Dubai

  4. thanks Dad in Dubai.

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