10 likes and dislikes at 10 months

May 20, 2009

1. At 10 months Cuddles loves to stand. It’s been couple of weeks since he mastered this new feat and he never misses an opportunity to display it. The sofa, the cradle, a stool, Cuddles is forever trying to hold on to something to stand up. But now that he can sit and stand easily he hates lying down except if he is really very sleep, which means changing his clothes and diaper is a tough act.

2. From the beginning he loved his baths. He enjoys playing with water, splashing it all over and dipping his hands into buckets. But he loathes head baths. So, the moment I pour water on his head, it’s a loud war cry of lemmme go.

3. Like his mum and dad he has a sweet tooth. So, feeding him biscuits, cerelac, bread, halwa, anything sugary is a piece of cake. But getting him to eat salty food like dalia, upma or vegetables is quite a struggle with the end result being half eaten food and rest of it getting splattered on the feeding chair and on his clothes. Phew!

 4. Give him a folded piece of paper or a string of thread and I know I can catch my breath for a few minutes. Because these two things continue to fascinate him. He loves to just sit turning them upside down, exploring and sometimes even chewing them as well. Well, all those expensive toys can take a hike.

5. Turn the key to open the main door of the apartment and you just have to hear his squeals of glee. He is totally an outdoor person and loves his evening walks, trips to mall, bus rides.. just take him out.

6. Getting him into clothes is a herculean task. Cuddles likes it best to be in his birthday suit. He hates being dressed and is perpetually twisting, jumping and wriggling to avoid getting into any kind of clothing.

7. Just 10 months and he is already a brat. He pulls our hair and slaps our face and when we resist it he goes all strong with a wicked grin that says I will get you. Forget kid bashing its mamma and papa bashing that happens in his household and believe me the tiny slaps really hurt.

8. No soft quilts or fancy blankets for my baby. Cuddles likes to sleep without any covers. The secret of a good sleep for him includes raised legs under a pillow.

9. These days he loves to walk holding our hands. And mind you, so happy he is to take on this world that instead of tiny steps he takes big leaps. Haa ha, yes it’s a sight to watch him take those giant strides.

10. Shoes, he hates them. Like new parents we were excited when we bought him a pair of new shoes, but alas the chap does not like them. He has learnt to remove the welcrow strap on his shoes and within minutes throws them off. No chance yet of seeing two little naughty feet in a pair of cute shoes.



  1. WOW! He knows to take off his shoes at 10 months.. Bravo Lil Cuddles! 🙂
    Ash to doesn’t like to wear clothes and hates blankets or covers.
    Its great that he likes sweet things, so you can feed him a variety of pancakes like pumpkin or banana-blueberry pancakes etc. Lucky you! 🙂
    BTW, the raagi flour I use is store-bought from India. Its called Raagi satva or nachni, specially for babies.

    • Thanks Priyanka for the recipe ideas and oh I do have some store-bought raagi powder at home, which is lying unused because like Ash Cuddles too did not like it in the normal form. Now i know what to do with them.

  2. oh u took me back some months my little one used to behave so similar 🙂

  3. Cute cute cuddles…:-)

    some of these points remind me of my daughter’s baby-hood – sleeping without covers, hating head-bath, etc. these habits remain unchanged even today…

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