Five points of a mamma

May 7, 2009

I saw this tag on a lot of blogs and decided to pen my own thoughts on mommyhood.

 Here are the five things I love about being a mum:

The amazing confidence it has given me about my body. Going through nine months of pregnancy (the last two trimesters being very tricky), several hours of labour and a normal delivery without any pain medication made me believe in my body and the fact that my pain threshold is not so low really.

I love the fact that being a mother gets you your own special ‘soft toy’ to cuddle, hug, kiss, love and play with anytime anywhere J. 

Motherhood has given me a chance to know and experience so much about the world of babies. So many facets of infant life I would have missed out on otherwise.

It has brought me closer to my own mother, both geographically and emotionally. I bow humbly to her for what she has done for us and continues to do even today. Not to forget the times when she raised us without diapers or maids at a young age when I was still carefree and not even married.

And lastly it has got me an unlimited licence to shop for kiddie stuff. Having my own baby means I don’t have to look for excuses to buy all those lovely lil outfits, toys, story books, lotions, bibs and what not.



  1. Even i feel the same abt getting a ‘soft toy’ to play with :-), the first few months r the best and u can play with ur baby and dress them however u want. By the time they r a year old, they have a mind of their own and want to play, dress, do what they want only…

    Pregnancy and the delivery-pain is all worth it just to get that sweet little bundle of joy in ur hands, no? 🙂

  2. Totally worth all the pain, and yes the soft toy is already becoming quite assertive of his likes and dislikes 😦

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