The ninth month update

April 22, 2009


At nine months my Cuddles is a crawler par excellence. He is most happy when left on the floor – leaping with joy, exploring the house, picking up and analysing the tiniest dirt particle from the floor, pulling and shutting drawers, chasing chappals and grabbing any loose wires.


Yes, there is a lot of activity in our little house these days, which also means that I am on my toes a lot more. Developmentally, floor crawling (an activity that had been greatly restricted for Cuddles because of my high hygiene parameters, which have now been toned down) has done him a lot of good. I can see him trying to get up on all fours, lifting his torso high up, trying to hold onto the sofa or floor cushion and making an attempt to stand.  In his cradle he likes to hold on to the side bars to stand on his knees.   


My little angel has also learnt his first social greeting, yes if you offer him a hand for a handshake and say a loud hello, he will lift his tiny hand to shake yours in return. He picked it up instantly and made me really proud with his tiny feat.


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