Cuddles is 8 months old

March 15, 2009

On March 13, my baby completed 8 months in this world.  It being a Friday (a holiday in this part of the world) I was too preoccupied to blog. Also as Cuddles’ pa is on an India trip we are staying back at my parent’s place, so that means a lot of activity and less personal time for the blog world.

Developmentally, Cuddles reached a new milestone on that day. He managed to sit on his own for the first time. He was lying in his pram and I had accidentally kept a small piece of paper on the dashboard of the pram. Cuddles, who is very fond of chewing such new objects, otherwise denied to him, soon laid eyes on it. Next moment we saw, he was holding on to the sides of the pram, trying to lift his torso and soon he pulled himself up into a sitting position and grabbed the paper. Of course then he aimed it straight to his mouth. I managed to pull it away just in time before it could be squashed by his tiny gums. And as I was so excited seeing him sit on his own that I kept the piece of paper as a bait again at the same spot on the pram. Well, he obliged once more by repeating the feat. Over-ambitious me did try the trick a few more times to see him sit but I guess Cuddles was too smart to do it again.

These days he is a busy man, jumping, rolling, grabbing, chewing and generally discovering the world ar0und him. Being at grandparents’ means a lot of extra pampering. He loves playing merry go round in our arms — jumping from one to the other.  They love his presence too. Dad and sis especially look forward to the evenings after work to play with him. The only sour point is when he does not sleep till 12 am. By then everybody is drained of all energies and amidst simultaneous yawns are praying for Cuddles to get into bed.


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