Cuddles — my darling baby

March 11, 2009

All of seven months Cuddles is the centre of our life. From morning till noon Cuddles’ lil pinkie controls the entire household. Mamma is literally spinning like a top the entire day managing Cuddles’ and the household chores.  And papa being the careless lazy bum that he is has to be cajoled and even threatened to do his bit for Cuddles (which of course results in a verbal volley between mamma and pappa on most days). 

But my sweet Cuddles is a happy baby. In fact he laughs out loud whenever our decibel levels rise leading to a cooling atmosphere and  reminding us not to repeat it again.

Like his ma and pa he is an outdoor person and loves going out and meeting people. He is such a sucker for sweet talk that he calls out to people on the street leaving them with no choice but to notice him and smile at him.

At 7 months and 26 days he can roll on his back and tummy( in fact when put on the bed there is no stopping him), he can crawl and with increasing speed to grab objects like newspapers,  any kind of plastic or shiny metals (all of which are promptly pulled away the moment he reaches his prize catch). He can sit without support for some minutes and loves to sit in his pram on his outings. His vocabulary includes da da… ba ba ba… ummmma mama ma.  He eats two to three semi solid meals everyday besides breastfeeds.

Right now he is catching up on some beauty sleep after his bath while mamma is feeling happy after writing her first long pending blog post.


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